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Request for support
In 2022, we were rapidly growing in the South of the Netherlands and, in addition, the opening of a new warehouse at Maastricht Airport was planned for Q1 – 2023, among other things, and several growth and expansion scenarios were playing in the background. To address these challenges, we opted for a solution via interim recruitment. Given the diversity in functions, locations and the need for self-direction and independence, we were looking for an experienced person with a proven track record. After all, these were sizeable projects and trajectories which would involve very many hiring managers and other stakeholders.

So after putting out our request, we quickly got in touch with Bart Joosten of Accondo and he started in September 2021. His assignment was to immediately take up the challenges in Maastricht Airport and support our locations in Venlo. Some cases were still waiting due to internal promotions, expansion and reinforcement of the then-existing team. The focus here was mainly on Team Leaders and Supervisors, but positions such as Sustainability Manager and Site Manager also fell under Bart’s responsibility.

Maastricht Airport, and then also project Haps, consisted of the entire ´white collar´ team, from Troubleshooter to Warehouse Manager, from Planner to Customer Service Manager and from Drivers Desk to Customer Service Representatives.

Bart handled everything independently after a very short familiarisation period and was in direct contact with all stakeholders, hiring managers, external parties and our internal organisation. It was not always easy and it has been more than brisk buffeting, but immediately we knew we had a more-than-full-fledged colleague to let go. Bart also ensured that related issues were picked up, set in motion and/or improved.

What started as an interim assignment for 3 to 6 months grew into a cooperation of almost 2 years. Thus, Bart has led several other projects, such as operational initiatives, contract negotiations, etc. and the results have been resounding. Thus, he has been directly and indirectly involved in at least 100+ new colleagues. He has also placed a new interim IT recruiter and led our Management Team from Accondo in their annual strategic two-day meeting.

From DSV, we can only warmly recommend Bart and Accondo for both his personal interim capabilities as well as the various valuable solutions for team development, additional interim support or recruitment & selection for middle and senior management.
We keep moving forward and will stay in touch!

“Inspired and driven, that’s how I can best describe Bart as a person. What started as an estimated assignment of 3 to 6 months has grown into a cooperation of almost 2 years. In which we opened not one, not two, but three branches in Southeast Netherlands. A beautiful cooperation, in which Bart’s commitment has been indispensable. Both as a person, but certainly also as a colleague”, says Sanne Reijnders, Supervisor Recruitment.