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The Working Conditions Act requires employers to set up a company emergency response organization. As part of this, there must always be a sufficient number of trained FAFS officers present, the number of which depends on the nature and size of the company. A FAFS officer must be able to act quickly and correctly in the event of accidents, emergencies and other incidents in an organization.
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Want to get your ‘BHV’ diploma? We facilitate ‘BHV’ basic, separate E-learning and FAFS refresher training throughout the country.

During this training you will learn how to give first aid, how to limit and fight a fire and how to alarm and evacuate people. Prior to the practical day, an e-learning should be made. Through interactive e-learning, all topics are explained clearly.


The e-learning must be completed with a positive result. The experienced instructor assesses during the practical day whether the participant can be declared competent. After a positive evaluation a certificate with a validity of 1 year will be issued.

Good to know

There is always a training near you. After receiving your subscription, we will look for a suitable date at a location near you. This will be decided in consultation with you. Would you prefer to have a group training organized on location, please contact us by using the contact form.

If you do not speak the Dutch language, we can offer these courses in English. Choose in the form below in which language you want to follow the BHV training.

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BHV Basic (incl. E-learning): € 240,- p.p.
Individual E-learning: € 62,50 p.p.
BHV Repetition: € 220,- p.p.

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