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The content of the VCA course focuses on performing your work with safety in mind. With an VCA certificate, you lay the foundation to work safely and healthily every day. You show that your company values safe and healthy work and present yourself as an expert and reliable contractor. VCA certification has been proven to significantly reduce the number of industrial accidents.
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Want to get your VCA diploma? We facilitate VCA -BASIS, VCO-VOL and VCA-VIL throughout the country.

During this training we cover topics such as legislation, performing work safely, controlling specific hazards and managing incidents and emergencies.


The training day ends with an exam. This exam consists of multiple choice and matrix questions. You must complete 65% of the questions correctly to pass. After passing you will receive a certificate, which is valid for 10 years.

Good to know

There is always a training near you. After receiving your subscription, we will look for a suitable date at a location near you. This will be decided in consultation with you.

Would you prefer to have a group training organized on location, please contact us by using the contact form.

If you do not speak the Dutch language, we can offer these courses in English. Choose in the form below in which language you want to follow the BHV training.

Several locations

VCA-Basic NL: € 240,- p.p.
VCA-VOL NL: € 240,- p.p.
VCA-VIL NL: € 240,- p.p.
Individual exam: € 75,- p.p.

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