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People are not only
the most important,
but also the most

Investing in human capital is crucial to the success of an organization. That’s why our main focus is on helping your people to develop, train, and grow. We have everything you need to build a team that will work together better than ever before.

We believe in the power
of human capital

At Accondo, we understand that as an organization, you want to invest in your human capital to become (and stay!) successful. Our focus is on optimizing your workforce so you can get the best out of your team. With our industry-specific expertise in manufacturing and logistics, proven methods, and a deep understanding of team dynamics, we offer a unique approach to workforce management.

Our services are specifically designed to reduce turnover and absenteeism, increase production efficiency, and improve your team’s performance. In addition, we help you attract top talent to your organization.


Clients helped with their human capital


People helped with their development


People attracted and placed

Get to know

Gijs Hillman

Trainer team development | Circyoular Master

Frans Snel

Trainer machine and safety training

Jeroen van Asten

Trainer machine and safety training

Henri Schuurmans

Trainer machine and safety training

Loes Smoor - Mulders

Office & Program manager

Bart Joosten

Interim, talentdevelopment & program manager | Circyoular Master

Emina Joosten Beslagic

The development of human capital: we do it together. Our approach is characterised by:

Openness & fairness

We communicate transparently, with a down-to-earth nature


We are constantly developing, for you and for ourselves


We keep an overview and like to look ahead so that we can support you in the best possible way


We coordinate the entire process, from advice to implementation

We help you to get the
best out of your staff

With Accondo, you can be confident that you are investing in your employees in the most effective way possible and setting your company up for long-term success.
We always do this with you as the employer, with the right professional from our team and a suitable approach.

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Succes stories

Writing stories, especially about our successes, is a custom process and takes time. We look forward to sharing these with you soon.